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Welcome everyone.

I am a photographer based out of Los Angeles, California & New York City. I specialize in travel & lifestyle photography, sharing the world we live in through visual & written storytelling.


I dabbled in photography & photo classes in my youth. But, it wasn't until January 2015, while living in NYC, that I became a serious photographer, using my photos to inspire others to get out and explore. I had been an avid traveler my whole life, and as my photography skills rapidly improved, I found it natural to merge the two passions. My photos became a way to tell a story and connect others to the world we live in. Through my work, I am able to share my love for travel and adventure, while raising environmental, and cultural awareness, whenever possible. 


At present, I have visited 65 countries, 24 states, and 6 continents. During that time, I have worked and collaborated with brands such as, Beautiful Destinations, The Luxury Collection Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Forevermark -DeBeers, The Sailing Collective and Jetsetter, to name a few. My work has been published in Travel and Leisure Magazine, Outside Magazine & numerous other travel/lifestyle publications. In 2016, I was the winner of Travel & Leisure Magazine's Photo of the Year Contest. 


I'm excited to see where this journey leads me to next. 

ALL INQUIRIES - please email me using the form below and I will respond to you promptly.

*If you are inquiring about a having print made, please make sure to specify the photo



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